Parlez-vous français?

I recently purchased two French grammar books from Amazon. To anyone, one might ask, "So, what's he big deal?" Well, after studying French for 10 years and not having any access to it and essentially corroding all knowledge, it sticks with you. I yearn to grow more proficient in French, and being a full-time student can be difficult. So, finally deciding that I might as well do it, I've decided that dedicating 10 minutes (or less, as it's usually less) to do an exercise on passe-compose or irregular verbs is something I can afford. After all, college students go on Facebook so intermittently that it will be an excellent way to spend my free time, n'est pas? It also never hurts to extend one's knowledge on a foreign language. It's akin to roller blading after stopping for a while. You're shaky at first but after a while, you get the hang of it and you glide. It's encouraging knowing that every day, little by little, regardless of how much I do, is a progress. And hopefully when I visit Paris, I'll be able to utilize my French and it will be correct. 

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