Midterms Madness

During one of the most stressful weeks in college, sometimes, purposely putting homework aside to take a quick trip to the local bookstore, order a coffee, and sip while browsing literature on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The leisure is so comforting that it physically and cognitively relaxing, boosting the ability to actually focus for papers, midterm exams, and other academic requirements. In addition to going out, it helps put you at ease since there is an entire school cramming to study, stressing about finishing on time, and not getting enough sleep for the aforementioned reasons.

In the meantime, when the mini-chill session has, regrettably, ended and it's time to go back to studying, there is nothing that ameliorates its effects as music. There is something about having music playing in the background that doesn't make my paper quite as disgruntling. But in times of dire study sessions, there is no one I turn to other than Dario Marianelli.

These artists have been on repeat on my Spotify:

  • Kimbra
  • Ellie Goulding
  • Coldplay (the older albums)
  • Benoit and Sergio
  • Hauschka 
  • The Civil Wars

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