Does Geography Define Your Identity?

I've recently struggled with this question. I was recently told, for bizarre reasons, that I am not good enough in a specific criteria simply because I am Eastern European. He didn't even take in account of my qualities, my strengths, my talents...nothing. He simply dismissed it and assessed that because I am Romanian, I'm not good enough. Now, I haven't lived in Romania since I was 2, so I can't really say that I am 100% Romanian in the sense that I've been saturated in the culture; I know the language, was born in the country, and speak fluent Romanian. Is that a good enough reason to render less than worthy? Is my geographic origin a reason why you see me less than a human being?
Jesus is a Jew; He was born in Israel. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin, and ministered in present-day Middle East. He wasn't American with light skin and blue eyes. So perhaps the next time you make a potentially racist comment, think about the fact that you not only harbour acrimony towards African-Americans and Eastern Europeans, but perhaps you don't like the fact that the Jesus you serve was a dark-skinned, eyed, and haired Jew, something that evidently clashes your theology.
Deal with that.

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