Survive or Thrive?

Recently, a peer posted on his Facebook that the body of Christ should survive, not thrive. Now, I looked at it, stared at it for a while, and pondered responding to it. Then, I concluded, he wouldn't care. I mean, sometimes, I think people say stuff just to say that they're saying philosophical words without really taking the time to mull over their words.
"And so the body of Christ should survive, not thrive."
Okay, first of all, I hope you realize that there are countless Scriptures regarding the blessings God promises to His children (the Abrahamic covenant, the Mosaic covenant, and the Davidic covenant are a few prominent ones). People that survive aren't given blessings to be lavished, because when you think about, why are we given blessings? Do they serve a greater purpose? To present a political standing? To rebuff popular opinion? It's neither. It's to show love. Ergo, God loves us and subsequently blesses us. Now think of people who need to survive. What usually comes to mind? In North America, it's people below the economic quota (such as the homeless, the sick who aren't able to receive the proper medical attention, immigrants [if you wonder how I can this, you should know that my family was immigrants in Canada and lived less than what people make in one day's work on minimum wage], and sometimes, foolish and reckless people. They resort to desperate measures to make ends meet. People that thrive rest in promises and certainty. That being said, is that really what the body of Christ wants to paint to the world, that we are people desperately trying to make ends meet? That we are the average, if not below the status quota, and that we are the people that need people's help? Or should be rival Donald Trump's assets, give abundantly to those who need help, and stretch our hands and help because we have the financial possibilities? Survival is often an adapted mindset, forced by uncomely circumstances. Serving Jesus isn't adapting to unmerciful circumstances and being forced to deal with it. Perhaps the reason why people don't give Christians a time of day in regards to financial matters is because we ourselves don't believe it first. How can we portray something we don't believe in? The problem starts with the Church. If they first change the way they perceive certain things, then they will have a greater chance of witnessing to people because when you have tangible facts backing up your belief, it's hard to argue with it.

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