5 Myths About Christianity

Readers, whether or not you worship Christ, or even another religious deity, it's unfortunate to say that there is a misconception regarding Christianity. There are so many myths and fallacies that people wonder why it's such a heavily scrutinized religion. And while there are plenty other reasons (another post, another day), part of the reason is that there are certain presumptions about Christianity that make people second guess. And, to be perfectly clear, since I am a Christian and love Jesus, I want to highlight them to expose that while there are imperfect people, God is a perfect God who can take even the most immalleable clay and make something beautiful with form.

1. Christians are perfect and have no need to lean, depend, and trust God once they make Him Lord of everything. That is the most incorrigible rubbish! In fact, that is perhaps the biggest lie people have about non-believers. Let me be perfectly clear: The process of receiving Christ does not make your problems "magically" disappear. In fact, it may arouse the opposing effect; you may encounter more problems because you pose a threat to the devil. The reason why people need and want God is because they realize that without Him, things are never going to go smoothly, life will never be not chaos, and that pit will never grow smaller unless they seek Help, Help that is much bigger than the problem itself. Christians are imperfect people and God works and molds that imperfection to create something beautiful, to put it on display. A Christian are an imperfect person that recognize their flaws and sees the need to change that flaw. The main point is that while everyone has problems, it's how they rise above their problems that counts...and who ends up victorious in the end.

2. Your theology is not your God. There is a big one. Theology, according to a definition, is the study of God and religious belief. Your theology is not whom you serve. Theology allows you to understand the nature of God. For example, in the Christian theology, God is depicted as a Father (to show His kind nature), as a King (to show His holiness and sovereign standard), and Creator (who divinely created the universe for human inhabitation) are a few that allow mere humans to understand the essence of God. It's difficult to wrap our minds around a sovereign and holy being, but, with tangible metaphors, such as father and ruler, one can begin to grasp the character of God. However, that does not mean you worship your theology. It's difficult to differentiate between the two, but one must be able to distinguish what's one theology and what is the God that he serves.

3. (Unfortunately) Christians do speak Christianeze. In case you're wondering, there is a "special" language in Christianity that allows Christians to speak worldly without appearing so. Let me give a scant list:

We should pray together = I want to gossip
Would God approve of that? = [a condescending way of saying] That is not okay
I have an impression upon my heart = I have a problem/thought
As I was praying for you, I had a feeling/thought. Is there something on your mind/heart? = a subtle way of asking personal matters
We should band together = We need to band together to appear as the majority

It's an unfortunate reality. So, be warned.

4. All Christians are the same. Au contraire, depending on the denomination, you will be led to believe certain things that other denominations do or not believe. For example, Baptists do not believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit while Pentecostals are more liberated to activate the presence of the Holy Spirit. Presbyterians lean more towards on the traditional/conservative side, while Pentecostals are much more liberal. It really all depends on the denomination, which in turn, depends on your personality and which suits you better, but I assure you that every Christian is not the same.

5. Christians are not cool. As a Christian, I can defend that position by rebuffing and saying that Christians are, in fact, cool. If a person bases Christianity based on people, rather than who that person serves, then it's not a proper assessment. Christian people are the coolest people ever because not only do they go to Heaven, but they also get access to God's covenant and blessing. What isn't cool about that?

I hope this enlightens you and that you all see Christianity not fundamentally as a religion with regulations, rules, and commands, but as a deep, intimate, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. another myth about Christians: Christians hate gay people << NOT TRUE, some appear to. but not all christians are homophobics.

  2. Very true. All people assume that Christians HATE gays, but we don't. We don't condone their decision of living, but that doesn't mean we don't love them as a person with a soul.