Some Last Few Words...

...before the year is officially over, of course.
Alright, so, ever since going to college, I've had the opportunity to refine my fashion, both personally and aesthetically. Seeing everyone with different style sense allowed me to question whether or not there was any more room for improvement in terms of refining my taste; there was.

1. Equestrian chic

Riding boots, elbow pads, cable knits, the whole shebang. There is something so inexplicably chic about equestrian attire. Although it was used to for riding shoes, it has managed to integrate itself in many closets across the globe.

2. Ivy League

There are times where I wish I attend an Ivy League school (unfortunately, my SAT scores won't allow that) because of the style usually associated with going there. The shoes, the tops, the bags, the headbands. There is just so much fashion crawling on those campuses.

3. Pan Am 

the '60s. Need I say more? Apart from the transcontinental travel and espionage, and attractive men, the fashion is absolutely ravishing. Amazing. 

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