Has Love Become a Kissing Show?

If you look around, you'll likely not find a tv show where its main characters will not kiss. In fact, it might happen in the pilot episode! And then, in class series premise, complications will follow and then comes the drama...But on a serious note, is that to what kissing has become? Just something two sexually-charged people do? In Switchfoot's song, Easier Than Love, the lyrics are, "sex is currency, she sells cars, she sells magazine. Addictive, bittersweet, clap your hands with the hopeless nicotines. Everyone's a lost romantic, ever since love became a kissing show, everyone's a Casanova, come and pass me the mistletoe..." Whatever happened to kissing being a sweet, tender way of showing your significant other how much you love them? And I'm not talking about swivelling your tongue down his/her throat and you're practically eating each other's faces. No, no; I'm talking about that long awaited moment when your lips would touch his (or if you're a guy, touch hers), and it would be so sweet, so wonderful, that you will replay it in your head a thousand times over because you want to feel that again. Your kiss can be passionate but have no sexual motives. I think the problem is that we have lost what passionate, love, and the meaning of a kiss means. Back in Austen's day, a kiss was something reserved for special occasions. These days, people kiss (several times) without even being in a relationship! You're just succumbing to potent hormones! That's not what a kiss, or love for that matter, is supposed to be. It's time to go back to the times when a show would wait at least several seasons before writing for 2 characters to kiss, instead of the first episode. A kiss is supposed to be something special...Honestly, it seems that the significance of a kiss has lost its meaning...

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