To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question

Recently, I've faced relatively cumbersome situations in which fellow believers do not trust God for all their problems. And while I realize this sounds bombastic and that I behave more eminently that other Christians, I have one simple question: Who are you? Not in the sense who you are a person or what your favourite colour is or any other characteristic that forms the basis of who your identity is. But I'm speaking on a more personal level; who are you in Christ? Do you know what He has in store for you? Do you know His plan for your life? Do you know what His Word says regarding a quandary you're facing? Do you know what His opinion about your health? Finances? Love? Or are you simply putting the title of Christian on your chest, strolling around town, and feigning that you know all about Christ when you have barely scratched the surface? I'm not trying to sound mean or rude or even intrusive; I'm simply trying to get you to the place where you can ask yourself these things. After all, a fruitful relationship with Christ brings exactly that: fruits. If we have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, then we bare results. But not just invisible results—tangible, physical results that allows the world world to see your fruits, not just hear about them. For example, as an ambassador, we are not supposed to be sick. If we are supposed to be a difference, then why are we acting exactly like everyone else? Why are we still sick? Oh, you say that cancer or heart disease or allergies is part of God's plan for you? Well, to that I say, look at Christ. We are supposed to emulate Christ's character. Did Jesus suffer from cancer? Did Jesus ever say, "Oh, no, I can't go there or eat that because I have allergies?" No, He did not because sickness is part of the Father's plan for us. Then, you must rebuff that comment and say that Jesus is the Son of Man so of course He didn't get sick. Well, we have His Spirit in us; we have His Blood flowing through our veins; we have His Father (who is our Father also) directing and guiding us, so what's different about us? (Other than the fact that we don't need to fulfill a prophecy that allows future generations to enter God's kingdom by a simple declaration.) By accepting Jesus into your heart and soul, we have access to Him. Was Jesus poor? Now, before you answer this question by quoting the Scripture in which it states that the Son of Man had no place to lay His head, consider this: people who are in poverty cannot help anyone. They can barely help themselves. If poor people can barely help themselves, how can they help someone else? Jesus' missions was to help others. It was not about Him, but about God's plan. Jesus never had to work to acquire pay nor did He have to be conscious of His wages. Here is a message by Dr. Creflo Dollar that address this heretical belief in the body of Christ. If you finish watching it and nothing changes, keep in mind that your words alone will not save anyone. You can talk about Jesus all you want but until you have some physical, tangible proof that what you believe in brings results, people won't stop and listen. Wherever Jesus went, people stopped and listen. Not everyone, true, but there were people who stopped and listen to the words of the Messiah because they knew what effect it would have on their lives. 

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Remember, Christianity is not just about a one-way ticket to Heaven. It's not just about living a life so you can go to Heaven. It's about fulfilling the most with all the abilities and tools that God has bestowed on us.


  1. Raluca, you write about sickness and cancer and pain as if Christians should never have any of this, but what do you say to my great grandmother who is dying of pneaumonia? She is a great christian woman, and loves the Lord with all her heart. She isn't afraid to tell that to anyone. However, she is sick. From what I read, it sounds like you are saying that she is either a) not a christian at all, or b) she is sinning hard core. I don't believe that either are true.

    When God created humans, he put them in a garden that was perfect and complete, and we humans decided to mess it up. Not God. We brought the sin and the brokeness and the death into the world. Sickness is a result of the fall, not a personal result of sin. Allergies are a result of the fall, not of personal sin. That's not how God works. He doesn't make you pay for something you might do older when you're a eight month old and you can't eat wheat. It doesn't work that way!

    Christians and non christians alike get all these problems. Just because we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour doesn't mean that we are instantly healed of all of our afflictions. Jesus Christ isn't a wonder drug; he is a healer, but not like we expect it. I'm not ruling out the possibility of healing through Christ, but I am saying that we as Christians can't go condemning all the people with cancer and allergies and pneaumonia! Those are side effects of original sin.

    And what about Job? He had boils, and awful sores all over his body. This was not because he sinned; this was to test his faith. This was to get him to walk closer with God. God uses the sickness of the world for his own glory. He used a "thorn" in Paul's flesh to keep him humble.

    Sickness is an awful thing, but it is not evidence of sin.

  2. It's true; Christians DO NOT have to live with sickness or disease because Jesus' sacrifice included physical, emotional (insecurity), and mental healing. I am not condemning Christians who have sickness or cancer but the truth is that while Jesus is the Healer, accepting healing is our choice. It's our choice whether we want it or not. And yes, you're absolutely right--sickness is not a result of sin, but sin can be in the form of generational curse, habitual sin, not walking in unconditional love. At the same time, Jesus came for full redemption: He didn't come for part of it; He came to fully redeem us. When He was on the cross, He knew was needs we would need and He accumulated all the needs so that we have them, He is the answer. Job was a fearful man and through his fear, he gave an entryway to the devil, thereby allowing him to be afflicted. Secondly, Peter did have a thorn in his side but it did not say that it was a physical malady. God is not malicious; He wouldn't purposely afflict us with pain as if He is a cruel puppet master and enjoys seeing us writhing in pain.

    Isaiah 53:5 clearly states that by His Stripes, we ARE healed. Not will be, not could be, ARE, in a active present tense. Second, Galatians 3:13 it says that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the world. When He hung on the cross, He took it upon Himself the curse of the world. What is the curse? Sickness, poverty, lack, brokenness; He took it upon Himself--that means that we don't need to live with it.

    Healing is a choice. I'm not condemning Christians who have sickness because that would make me righteous and I am in no way righteous. All I'm saying is that through Christ, we don't need to live with sickness or disease since He took it upon Himself. Was His inexplainable torture only for sin? No; it was for sickness as well. You can come with all the excuses that you want but in His Word says that we are healed and I live by the Word of God and the Word of God says that Christ took my sickness and disease and I no longer am a slave to it. It's not just knowing what the Bible says; it's about applying it. I have great sympathy for your grandma because pneumonia is terrible, but if she was grandmother, I would lay my hand on her and cast that sickness out by the power of the Blood of Jesus. Mark 16:18 says that we are able to place hands on the sick and they shall recover. If healing was not part of God's plan, Jesus wouldn't do it. But it is our choice whether or not we want it. All I'm doing is simply informing people of this choice--the choice that through Christ, we lack nothing and we do not have to live with what the world says is normal. Live like Egypt (which is referring to the world), die like Egypt. Healing is a choice.

  3. Sierra, why are you debating with me? Why are you coming at me with all these excuses? Go do your own homework. You have the Bible; you have the Holy Spirit. Educate yourself on healing and see for yourself.