Fashion Icon: Pippa Middleton

In retrospect, perhaps the reason the world is enamoured with Pippa Middleton is because she is not only the sister of the future Queen of England, Duchess of Cambridge, but also due to her impeccable style sense. She not only captivates a rare essence of Brit cool, but her style is very simple. In a world of over-the-top extravagance (ahem, Lady Gaga), it's nice to see someone who is common to the masses. She has such simplicity to her wardrobe that it's almost too easy, which is exactly why Pippa is amazing.

Even with a simple creme dress, she dresses it up with a matching black blazer and flats! Tres chic!

Who knew that being the cold will make you look so good?

This is perhaps my favourite outfit. Seriously. The cobalt blazer, the white jeans, the flats...I want it.

Even with her enviable tan, this business-chic look is so classy that Pippa may seriously become the next Audrey Hepburn, enchanting all those with whom she encounters as well as reaching fashion zenith with her simple, chic, yet on trend wardrobe.

The perfect go-out summer outfit.

Pippa can do no wrong.

The colour-block and white wedges are amazing.

Even when she's with her sister, she attracts her own attention, not competing with Kate, and when they both step out, everyone stops and looks. Clearly, with those outfits, who wouldn't?

I have no words to describe the perfection of this ensemble.

Her pink top is way too cool.

Very, very classy and yet fun and approachable.

Just because you are not followed around constantly by paparazzi doesn't mean you can't have style. Pippa had it even before being crowned Britain's It Girl. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, "Fashion is intelligence". It is indeed.

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