Penguin Classics

In the last little while, the publishing company Penguin came up with a brand new cover detail for all the classics. In a word, it's genius. I've always enjoyed classic books; the principles, morals, and character trails are universal and have yet to change in the last 400 years. As a result, I've always been fascinated in Austen, Dumas, and Hugo, to name a few. I like to smell that old book smell, see the crinkled edges, the yellowed pages, and faded cover. However, with a slew of new cover arts for some of the most memorable books, I plan to add it to my collection. With a rainbow of assortments, it just may be what my bookshelf has been crying for some time now.

Look how beautiful a bookshelf will be! I don't think there is ever a beautiful array of novels such as this. It is simply perfect.

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