SOAR-ing Adventures

Yeah, the title is overused. But hey, I find it quite fitting as I had many adventures in Virginia that is worth sharing. Here is a small excerpt of my time in Virginia at Regent University. Enjoy!

You should know that by this point, a few friends and I ditched the movie at orientation (Despicable Me--while it is highly comical and could watch all the time, I have seen that movie till the cows come home. I could recite it automatically; I couldn't handle watching the same movie twice in one day.) and opted for a stroll along the beach. That's right; you have permission to be jealous.

To whom are following or reading this, from now on, in addition to my regular posts (it's summer; I therefore have more time on my hands), I will add a little journey entry to commemorate my summer and the fact that in 40 days, I am moving to university! EEK! So, I decided to go a little crazy and not only post every day but also add a little sugar and spice to posts. Oui? Oui!!

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