I have not been posting recently since I need to finish an online course in half the time allotted so I can leave for Europe without struggling to find an internet connection to finish a discussion post or submit an essay. Rather, I figured, that if I finished much earlier, I would have peace regarding the whole matter. Plus, that way, I can actually enjoying my time abroad without thinking of assignment. It's much better that way.

However, because I have essentially committed four weeks to nothing than reading the course material and submitting the assignments at a rapid speed, I have not managed to pack a single thing. That may not be the best thing considering I have to sort out through my wardrobe and decide what pieces I need to bring and what will suffice for a month. This proves to be a laborious process since I have absolutely no idea what I'm dressing for. While a fraction of time will be spent behaving as a tourist, the rest of the time, I'll doing what exactly? Furthermore, the weather is fickle, prompting the wise idea to pack some warmer clothes as well. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. And by eventually, I mean tomorrow since I leave in 3 days and I haven't picked a single thing.

What I have managed to do is compile a playlist. One is for when I am brimming with energy and am ready to explore and another is for when a more mellow tone is needed.

Playlist 1:

1. Up in Flames -- Coldplay
2. Towers -- Bon Iver
3. Darlin' It Ain't East -- Zee Avi
4. All I Need to Know -- Thousand Foot Krutch
5. Tomorrow Will be Kinder -- The Secret Sisters
6. Say (All I Need) -- OneRepublic
7. A Far-Off Hope -- Josh Garrels
8. The Resistance -- Josh Garrels
9. Smoke and Mirrors -- Gotye
10. Sailor's Waltz -- Josh Garrels
11. She's Always Singing (Yellow) -- The Dear Hunter
12. Dirty Paws -- Of Monsters and Men
13. The Cave -- Mumford and Sons
14. Can't You Tell -- Vetiver

Playlist 2:

1. Young Blood -- The Naked and Famous
2. Moving in the Dark -- Neon Trees
3. Midnight City -- M83
4. Diet Mountain Dew -- Lana Del Rey
5. Brokenhearted -- Karmin
6. Lonely Boy -- The Black Keys
7. Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) -- Freestylers
8. Radioactive -- Imagine Dragons
9. Diplomat's Son -- Vampire Weekend

What I have managed to pack (albeit meagrely) is the reading material, a handful of shoes, and my Gilmore girls collection to provide an oasis from the long car rides. At least it's a start. It's better than nothing, right?

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