Departure and Arrival

Well, it's about time. The day had finally come and everyone was excited to go. We spent the several hours before arriving at the airport to get everything done, make sure the last things we needed we packed, and organized to make sure it didn't pass the weight limit. To the drive to Toronto, I noticed there was severe-looking clouds, but I figured it wouldn't be such a bad thing. However, when we arrive at the airport and managed to get 2 buggies to load our luggage (5 people with each luggage plus 5 carry-ons) to load in the plane. One problem: our luggage each were at 5 kilos over the limit. We originally thought that the limit was 23 kg, but it's 20 kg. And the alleged charge is $100 per bag per person. So, 25 minutes and another carry-on later, we finally managed to enter our gate. During the short waiting time, an Emirates airbus e380 arrived close to the terminal and it was truly a sight to see. Shortly after, boarding began.

The flight provided edible food and carbonated beverage. However, 40 minutes into the flight, we began to experience severe turbulence for a good 20 minutes. A little bit of turbulence is somewhat expected flying overseas, but when I noticed it didn't stop and it was actually getting worse, I took action (pray) and it calmed down shortly after and I even managed to fall asleep for 3 hours. (Prayer does work, people.)

When we finally touched down in Zurich, it was like visiting an old friend. We retrieved our luggage, got the car, and drove down to Bahnhofstrasse to denumb our legs and bottoms. Walking for a while, we realized how hungry we really were (since none of us really ate on the plane), we decided to eat at Manora. That concept is so smart and the food is delicious, I may never want to eat at another American franchise again. But, that's another rant for another time. Having the orange Fanta, croissants, and Kinder pingu was more delicious than another dessert I've tasted in a long time. With jet lag quickly setting in, set off and left Zurich to drive near Flums to our apartment. It wasn't long before everyone plopped on the bed and fell asleep faster than it took for our bodies to land on the bed.

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