Sinn für Mode

With less than 17 days left until my voyage to Europe, it's beginning to show in everything I do, from the way I think to the way I see food. While America has its benefits, I truly see New York City and Toronto as the heart of European cities in North America. Because of this, I plan to submerge myself in the European culture the moment I step foot in the Zurich airport. Then again, I don't really see another option considering that I have to spend a great deal of time...which I am not complaining. One of the things that I particularly take note of the fashion. I make it my goal to not succumb to the fashion-less sheep of Barrie, Ontario fashion, so I take notice of what is trending in the heart of Zurich, Milan, and Bucharest, and with those notes in mind, I can bring that fashion over the pond, back in Canada and America.

With that frame of thinking in mind, I've already fallen in love with several brands. APC is a French fashion house, taking over several different countries, Canada included. With its clean, sharp lines for French class and sophistication, I've already began drooling the Spring and Summer collection. I highly suggest you visit their website.

Pulls merinos fin raye

Chemise legere 

Sweatshirt chic

I've known long about c'est masion de mode, but it's only recently do I realize just how magical Simons is. Located in Quebec, the French region of Canada, the exclusivity elevates its enchantment. Boasting and lavishing in Euro-like styles, it's like a francophile's dream come true. Located only in Montreal and Quebec City, it truly captures the heart of the beautiful city of Quebec and metropolitan of Montreal.

pleated chino pant

Nautical stripe sweater

Joe Fresh is a Canadian fashion brand, but it is rapidly expanding past the border, with its first store in New York. With clean European designs, affordable prices, and excellent quality, it is not a surprise that the moment I want to come home from school, that is one of the first places I want to shop.
Nautical tee

My tumblr and pinterest addiction has a good use: I'm always discovering new brands, new ways to amp my style, and different ways to do my hair. However, when I was tumblr several months ago and I stumbled upon this lovely bag, my heart almost stopped. Genuine leather, the right size, a lovely's like a match made in heaven! While it may not be from France, Quebec, or Canadian (with a European influence), this company from Massachusetts makes its American roots alright with me

(Psst! If you're reading this and wondering how 3 weeks passed by so far, relax. I didn't time travel. I get to go to Europe much quicker than we originally planned. Which is okay by me!)

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