Here Comes the Sun

With 6 and a half weeks left until I leave for Europe (I'm still fangirling as we speak), this gives me ample time to assemble a massive wardrobe suiting for the occasion. In the past, I've scoured magazines for the sole purposes of collecting a large collection. (Fat good that did me.) However, while stumbling upon various websites, they serve as an excellent examples that not every celebrity dresses directly from the runway of overzealous designers who make the most elaborate designs.

Besides, in Europe, it's all about looking good as if you rolled out of bed. With the warm weather and beautiful scenery, I don't want my amazing wardrobe to distract tourists from the lovely places. Dry humor aside, Europe, particularly those in more Western European countries, such as a France, Italy, and Switzerland, the people truly take pride in the labels and the image they convey.

On a side note, Taylor Swift never fails to amaze me. Just when you think that her girly-girl, vintage-esque look gets old, she revamps it in a way that's old-fashioned but still fresh.

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