It's always good to think in advance. That way, it makes planning and budgeting more simpler. Remember this post? Well, I've decided that I want to add something on the side, an addendum of some sort. Also, I just want to travel. With plans to travel outside North America temporarily on hold (or on pause due to my finishing school), I've decided that travelling within the U.S. could be just as exciting. Plus, road trips add more excitement. I just need to travel. It's something that I can't fight, so why bother trying?

1. A campus tour of Yale

I've always wanted to visit an Ivy League school and with my obsession with Gilmore girls, it's perfect. I don't necessarily want to hear the whole spiel that one often gets when one visits the campus of her potential university; I just want to visit it. That's all. Oh, and possibly get a sweater or t-shirt. That would be absolutely grand.

2. New England

After finishing touring Yale, I can easily venture and see Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. I've always wanted to experience the upper Atlantic states and with the style (since I am a chick, of course I'm going to mention the style that comes with the geography). And the scenery...indescribable.

3. New York City

I want to have a massive shopping nirvana experience in NYC. It's a very American thing to do and I plan to do it. Besides, it's not that far away from campus with the bus so it won't be that much of a stretch.

4. Hawaii

Words cannot describe how excited I am that I am going to Hawaii, probably in the summer of 2014. Since of my best friends lives on the island of Oahu, I get the extraordinary privilege of going home with her the summer she graduates. Of all the places on my list, this is perhaps the one that I am definitely and certainly going (and the one that will require the most money to earn).

5. North Carolina

I've seen nearly all of Nicholas Spark's movie adaptations and what I can deduce is that North Carolina is a very romantic state. Thus, I must visit it, but not for that reason. The simple scenery, the intimacy it provides would be the ultimate weekend road trip.

6. Charleston, SC

I have no words to amass to express how ardently I want to visit. Just...nope, no words. Perhaps when I visit will I able to express my thoughts. But the English language does not suffice.

7. Redding, CA to Los Angeles

Fly to Redding, California, and spend (preferably a conference) a weekend at Bethel Church and then drive down to San Francisco, and then south to Los Angeles and all that jazz.

This will happen, hopefully 6/7.

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