I Adore European Style, Like Crazy

Warning: If you haven't watched the movie yet, this post may reveal spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

I've recently watched the film Like Crazy and I think I've developed a new passion for European fashion, all thanks to Felicity Jones and her character, Anna. While the film seems boring and slow-paced (not every movie that involves romantic development includes having pompous story lines with superficial dialogue), the fashion certainly captured my attention. Anna's style begins to truly blossom after she's back in the UK, when her European roots begin to rise up. I've been to partial to European fashion--with the simple, effortless, and classic lines, what's not to like? I've even gone to making a list of clothes to buy to emulate her style because it's just that cool. At first, it was similar to Urban Outfitters-esque look, what with the indie and relatively hipster appeal, but once in the UK, I was like, dang, I need her wardrobe.
So, if you're like me and prefer a more European spice in your wardrobe or just prefer the look that it gives, I found these following pieces essential to having a cool European style. (I feel as though I've used that word so many times, I'm growing redundant. Which means I'm overdue on reading literature.)
Seeing this movie revives my passion to visit Europe, but most importantly, visit Europe. I want to visit rural France, lavish in the Swiss culture, and indulge myself in Italian cookies.
Back to fashion.

See what I mean? She displays the Euro cool, with her striped tees and gray jumpers. I just want to raid her closet and have it explode with various prints, colors, and designs. The things I would do if I had tons of cash to spend in Europe. The thing that I truly admire about her character is that she isn't exactly high upper class nor is she part of the lower middle class because she is the everywoman and yet, she displays such effortless cool.


Classic black denim is slimming, classic, and different than the regular blue hues.

Classic ballet flats in creme are a nice twist on the typical white and yet they still personify chicness

A simple crew neck gray sweater is warm during the chilly fall and winter months, fashionable when seated indoors, and it's different from a black or white jumper (p.s. jumper, I believe, means a sweater in British slang; it's not the pantsuit).

A cappuccino-hued messenger bag is the only accessory you need. Apart from sunglasses and a piece of jewelry, it speaks for itself.

There really is no place like home, and with these fashionable footwear, wherever you walk will be like home due to its aesthetic appeal and comfort.

A saddle cross-body bag is the perfect alternative to the messenger bag since it drapes across the body, freeing both of your hands. Plus, it looks good.

No closet is complete without a classic, Breton-cut striped shirt. Every time I've gone to Europe, I have always seen someone wearing one, whether it's in different colors, thicker or thinner stripes, or alternating hues.

A pair of cropped trousers (preferably with a thin belt) is casual without it looking sloppy, but dressy enough that you look dressy without being over the top and exudes an aura of professionalism.

You can even alternate between these garments to produce different outfits. Because really, you only need a few key pieces of thinking. With the fickle trends, there are some things that never go out of style and I believe that these will never go out of style and transcends culture and era.

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