Top 5: Dresses and Things

I apologize for not writing sooner and experiencing tardiness when posting, but alas, university documents and school assignments beckons. Anyhow, with the burgeoning warm weather I'm experiencing, dresses have presented itself in my attire. I've always fancied dresses; they are versatile--varying from formal to chillax to posh. 

Selena Gomez's lavender dress is utterly divine. The cut, the colour, the still my beating heart! With skin akin to her's (dark hair, brown eyes, olive complexion), this colour does wonders in addition to adding a dewy complexion. And completing her legs and arms.

I've never been one to like abstract designs or funky details, but this Rebecca Taylor dress prompts me to change my view on that. The cut is modest, the length is complementary, and the colours is perfect for summer!

Let me be clear on one thing: I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian; her dress, however, is a different story. The one-sholdered, belted dress is wonderful on her olive skin. It's the right length to set of the legs without looking skanky or scandily-clad. The dress is perfect.

I am a huge fan of Camilla Belle's fashion style. It's simple, polished, and classy with a modern, funky edge. The dress is interesting and her shoes are amazing. This outfit would certainly turn heads!

I like cut-outs; that could be the result that I can pull off cut-outs, but the simple design, the fresh cut-outs at the waist doesn't set the wrong tone for this Max Mara dress. The long-shouldered, bandeau neckline, knee-length dress is appropriate for a summery evening.

I just realized that 3 of theses dresses are white. Mhmm, perhaps it's time to find the perfect LWD.

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