Oh, Bitter Nostalgia!

I find it sad that there are no really good animated, good moral tv series that depict real families and it's genuinely funny without crude or vulgar comments. I miss the days when I could plop on the couch and watch tv, knowing that there was something to watch. Nowadays, nothing, and that's is sad to say considering I have barely lived eighteen years and I'm already saying that! Nonetheless, it's true. So, in spite of the bitter nostalgia reminding me of my old favourite childhood series (that 90% aren't running anymore--even sadder), I have compiled the entire list of my favourite shows that should (but aren't) show on tv still. They not only promote truth, good morals, but they are funny. In no particular order:

1. Smart Guy

2. 6Teen

3. Boy Meets World

4. Katie and Orbie

5. Sabrina: The Animated Series

6. Girlstuff/Boystuff

7. My Life as a Teenage Robot

8. Phil of the Future

9. Lloyd in Space

10. That's So Raven

11. The Tofus

12. The Magic School Bus

13. Aladdin, the Series

14. Arthur

15. Braceface

16. Sailor Moon

17. Clifford the Big Red Dog

18. Cyberchase


20. Dexter's Laboratory

21. Dragon Tales

22. Ducktales

23. Goof Troop

24. Hamtaro

25. Hey Arnold!

26. House of Mouse

27. Johnny Bravo

28. Kim Possible

29. Liberty's Kids

30. The Little Mermaid, the Series

31. Lizzie McGuire

32. Archie's Weird Mysteries

33. Ozzy & Drix

34. PB&J Otter

35. The Proud Family

36. ReBoot

37. Totally Spies!

38. Stickin' Around

39. Teen Titans

40. The Little Lulu Show

41. The Powerpuff Girls

42. The Wild Thornberry's

43. The Weekenders

44. Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Show

45. What About Mimi?

46. What's With Andy?

Oh, how I miss all these shows. I seriously wish all these series were on Netflix, available for purchase on Amazon, or available at their respective websites. Seriously Disney Channel, you used to be cool until you produced and thereby spawned pole-dancers and addicts who need to admit to rehab at eighteen. Why can you be what you once was? Television used to be enjoyable; now, it's all crap, crap, crap! Stupid tv executives who decide which shows air and which don't. If I were on staff, all these would find airtime. In the meantime, thank God for youtube and my memories..


  1. oh gee good ol' days

  2. Ah yes im 11 but it is sad. everything on tv is Sh**!!!
    i wish i could bring back some shows. at least cyberchase is coming back!!