Stuck In-Between

As much I like the prospect of having warmer weather, there has been a dramatic climate change in a span of 10 days. One weekend, it was below freezing and so cold that all of southern Virginia stops and watches the fluffy white fluff fall from the heavens. Which subsequently resulted in a campus-wide snowball fight with music blaring out of the windows of someone's car. It was quite amusing and is quite a story to tell, considering that the majority of people who participated in it have never seen snow. They have never seen snow! As a lifelong resident of Canada, I find that so peculiar. What do you mean you've never seen snow? I live in the land of snow. To wrap my mind around that there are people who have never witnessed a snowfall astounds me. It was comforting for me since it reminded me of back home, thus making me a tad nostalgic (or a tad more). The snow continued to fall well into the night and--shocking!--it stayed on the ground, even icing over. I was surprised it had gotten so cold. I went outside and I immediately felt I was home (which brought an amalgamation of feelings ranging from comfort to perplexity). The weekend passed and the snow melted. Then, the next day. the temperature jumped 10 degrees Celsius. It was warm enough to wear a light jacket. It was still rather brisk, with the wind howling and the ominous gray clouds foreshadowing a storm. But still, it was a progressive change from the weekend's wintery climate. The very next day, it was 23 degrees! 23 degrees! I didn't know what to do with myself. A couple of days ago, it was so cold that when the wind lashed against my face, it felt that the wind cut through my skin. Now, it was warm enough to wear a light cardigan with cropped pants and flats. Without tights. My body was in conflict. Being in Canada for so long, it doesn't matter what the month is, my body immediately registers that after a particular month, it is cold and I need to dress up. Judging on the outside weather, I needed to dress a little lighter, but my hands were cold and clammy while I was nearly breaking sweat walking to class. So in times like these, when the weather refuses to be consistent and is erratic, how does one dress? Is it the in-between stages between spring or summer, or is it more a transitional period where one gradually dresses lighter in accordance to the weather? The answers to those questions would be answered if the weather would steadily remain constant, at least to some degree. So, I opted for a much obvious option: dress with fall-like pieces when the weather dips and layer precisely when the temperature begins to rise but will dip again by twilight. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to dress in bright colors. The scenery is gloomy and the sun goes down near 7 anyway, so a pop of color is perfect. 

 I personally prefer to stick to a classic color palette, but I like to mix things up a bit to refrain from being boring or predictable. While I do have my own sense of style, I do mix prints or incorporate color-blocking. Fashion is fun, and I treat it as such. 

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