Oscars 2013

Putting aside my opinion that this year's Oscars was relatively lacklustre (my apologies to the host, who I believe incorporated inappropriate jokes, lewd comments, and an overall mediocre hosting job), my disappointment that Hugh Jackman did not win Best Actor, and that Les Mis did not win Best Picture (I refuse to believe that due to the fact that it is an adaption, it did not win. That is poppycock; it was a movie tastefully done filled with sincere and genuine emotionally-wrenching scenes.), the attention is always on the red carpet fashion: the dresses. I am a total girl when it comes to beautiful, form-fitting, and body-hugging dresses that accentuate a woman's body. Furthermore, the dresses, the jewelry, the makeup, and the shoes are my favorite part of the Oscars because it sets a precursor to dress attire for the next fashion season. Let's be honest: what Jessica Chastain wore will likely influence some girl's decision for her prom dress somehow. My eyes are always glued to the screen to see what the ladies of Hollywood are wearing. I'm not partial to trends and fads, but I can always count that Oscars are equated with classic, Old Hollywood fashion, making it my favorite show to watch during Awards season. 

1. Amanda Seyfried 

She's always profoundly flawless on the carpet, with her gorgeous dress, sculpted hair that illuminates her lovely face structure, and makeup that highlight her green eyes. Her turnout at the Oscar was not a disappointment. 

2. Charlize Theron
Any woman that pairs a white peplum gown with a face-shaping pixie is fierce in my book. The lovely shape of her dress falling ever so nicely on her sleek frame did not distract me from her impeccable hair cut.

3. Adele
She's always fabulous on the carpet, with a style that is undeniably hers. A beautiful black gown with jewelled details, voluminous hairdo, and her signature makeup. Her cheeky and comical attitude makes her one of my favorite people. I wouldn't mind owning a dress like hers. Absolutely ravishing. Truly outstanding.

4. Jessica Chastain
I just want to take a moment to admire Jessica's Old Hollywood look. With a champange-hued cascading gown, soft curls, and a stunning red lip, her look is undoubtedly my favorite. If I owned her gown, I would never stop wearing it (despite that I have no occasion to wear such a lavish dress). Everything about her look is flawless: her hair, her makeup, her earring, her shape, everything. Ms. Chastain can do no wrong. Whoever said that no one can achieve perfection has clearly not seen her.

5. Alicia Vikander
This Danish beauty emulated Euro chic in this striking turquoise column gown. The details of her dress was dazzling the crowd, as it did not compete with her natural makeup and her soft updo. Her look seize a crowd in an utterly unpretentious matter. A magnificent look I plan to imitate.

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