Is Home Where the Heart Is?

Hi readers! I know, I's been much too long since my last post! Much has happened since then: friendships deepened, homework load doubled, and maintaining a social life is typical for a college student. Since coming to live in Virginia, I've come to see Regent as my home. I know that's such a weird thing to say since living in Canada for the past 16 years should be my home, but since settling in college, I feel as this is part of my home. When I visited Canada for fall break, it felt incredibly strange because all the familiar faces I see every single day weren't there anymore. The hallway, the scenery, the's part of my home. When I came back from fall break, that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're approaching your house when your a little kid? Yeah, I felt that when I could see the campus. I've never felt at home as I do here. It's just the perfect fit.

I'll post more often now as I'm managing my schedule better now. Until next time! ;)

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