Hello, I am a Dreamer

With the summer gradually coming to a close and the new school year approaching, I am painfully aware of how fragile time is. In theory, any allotted time seems to be longer than it is, until it's over. Then, it merely becomes memories. As a result, I do not want to live solely on past memories, stories and tales that happened once upon a time ago. A lifetime should not be simply past tales and experiences, but rather something that a person continually experiences. Could that be a factor why it is encouraged to travel often? Traveling is not only an opportunity to see new things, try different and foreign foods, and lay eyes on unprecedented sights. Rather, it is adjusting to a different way of life, indulge in classic foods that is quintessential for the geographical location, and meet new people that make that experience that much more rich. I am very a dreamer. I dream about the things I aspire to accomplish, the places I aspire to see, and the people I will eventually meet that will leave a lasting impression on my life. A mark that truly cannot be erased. At the same time, I am also extremely pragmatic; I am very much a list person. I prioritize by making lists and feeling the immense satisfaction by crossing the line.

This precious time I have spent in Europe has not only taught extremely valuable lessons, but also has shown me the impact a location can have on a person. The geographical locations prompts people to shift perspectives in such a way that it would have otherwise not occurred in a more comfortable and familiar setting. Seeing places is not for the sole purpose of perceiving new sights, but rather how the place and life in that location can change you for the better. With this new mindset in full motion, I have contemplated my aspirations, my goals, and whatnot, but ultimately, the places I wish to visit. I eventually want to visit the four corners of the world, but there are particular places that have a special place in my heart. Planning ahead seems to work well for me, so, with this list being published, I am essentially saying I am working to make this dream come alive. I want to be able to say that I have truly lived and done the things I wanted to do. I have been the places I wanted to see. Without further ado, these 5 locations are the top of my list of places to see. Now, before I go on, I must mention that I have made a-list-of-places-I-want-to-travel post. However, this was done after a traveling high and an incessant need to buy traveling books without rationing my thoughts beforehand. In succinct prose, I was merely expressing my desire in an unorganized, jumbled fashion. I have this dream to see these places, and by God's provision, they will happen.

1. Paris

If there is one place that I want to visit, Paris is it. The culture, the way of life, the joie de vivre, the cafes, the music, the sights, just everything. I plan on wearing my beret, sipping coffee in a quaint French cafe, indulge in French cuisine, parle Francais, take outrageously tourist-y photos of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, walk down the Seine, ride a bike while buying a baguette, and listen to the deliciously sensuous French conversations. I plan on being cliche French-y in the City of Lights.

2. Italy

Ciao Bella! Italy has always been a country I've loved visiting, with seeing Venice last year, I've just been fascinated. Starting in Florence and making my way to Rome, then hit the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, and Capri. Go all out and see Tuscany too, the Italian winery. Eat baked focaccia bread with olive oil and fresh mozzarella cheese with a small glass of red wine. 

3. Zakynthos, Greece 

A good friend of mine visited Zakynthos for a much needed vacation and after lusting over her pictures, I told myself that I would eventually go there myself. The crystal blue waters, the lavish scenery, the fact that I am in Greece and taking in the Greek culture. The magnificent turquoise, cobalt, and azure hues, and pearlescent whites, and the minty green infused with the bright blues. This is definitely a dream location for me, since it appears to one of those places that many people desire to go. 

4. Australia 

Again, one of those locations that will be worth mentioning to people once it's actually happening, but until then, dream and aspire to visit Sydney, the Gold Coast, Surfer's Paradise, Melbourne, and other marvellous locations worth exploring. A truly exotic experience, it will be (once it happens and it will) one of the tales that I will enjoy sharing. The culture, the foods, the way of life. It will be completely unlike any other place I will visit. 

5. Spain

I would elaborate to explain the reason to visit Spain, but I feel that would be redundant. Spain is a land where culture is infused with the way of life and it clearly shows with its vibrant, bold colors. It is enchanting, full of life, and exotic. All of these adjectives have been used all without even stepping foot in the country. I can only imagine the extensive use of adjectives once I see Espana. 

All in all, I realize that these dreams to visit such places requires work, effort, and dedication. At the same times, the dreams and aspirations that require hard work are often the most meaningful and fulfilling. I cannot wait until I explore these aforementioned locations and look back on the moment when I first conceived to start planning for it. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but work and exploration makes for a fulfilling life. 

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