A Transpiring Between Two Lovers, Part V

5. Chilly Memories 
When you look back in time, you often recall memories that you desire to live it out vicariously a thousand times more. The emotions are that much more visceral, the sensations are just as palpable, and the gazes are just as intense. You still remember how you felt, what you sensed, how you looked at him, and stolen glances exchanged in secret. The recollection is so wonderful that you just want to relive over and over again.

Today was the day of the Winter Carnival. The university puts on this lavish carnival of sorts to celebrate the winter equinox. There are games with prizes, contents, hoards of food, but most importantly, an opulent dance. It is the most famous dance of the year because it is also the most expensive production. The place is decorated with expensive decorations and serves delicious hors d'oeuvres, it is usually lit up to evoke a magical winter night, and everyone dresses up in beautiful long gowns and handsome suits. This is the event the ladies have been waiting all year for and the chance for the guys to ask out that particular girl. Needless to say, it is truly a big deal. I was particularly excited since I actually had a reason to go and decided to get glammed up with hair, makeup, and shoes. I really didn't know what to expect, what I was going to do, or even what the protocol was. I was just so excited to go with the one person I desired to ask me. And he did. 
"So, are you excited to go?" my roommate asked me. I tossed her a strange look that implied that I was truly indeed excited and happy to go, but before I could, there was a knock at the door. My eyes quickly flashed to the door and this unexpected queasiness overwhelmed me. I was struck with a mixture of many emotions: happiness, excitement, contentment, and anxiousness. I didn't know how to react to this sudden rise of sentiment, so I remained in my tracks, frozen, immobile, unable to move. 
My roommate smiled to herself once she recognized my internal qualm and went to the door. Hearing her voice rise in excitement told me that he had arrived, my date was standing at the door, waiting for me. I could hear muffled chatter in the foyer followed by an excited exclamation. I was curious to find out what this was about, so I made my way to the foyer, facing him for the first time in days. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous. I talked to him a couple of days ago. We chatted about pizza, Thailand, and upcoming exams. It was nonchalant, relaxed, and pleasant. Right now, however, I was suddenly nervous to face him in my formal attire, with my hair done, and my natural beauty enhanced by cosmetics. 
The moment we locked gazes, the air in his lungs escaped, his eyes were intense, and he was unable to move. He smoothed a strand of hair and cleared his throat. He looked at me with an unreadable expression, his eyes warm and inviting, and with a wide grin, he said, "You look absolutely beautiful."
I could feel the temperature in my cheeks rising as he uttered those words. I barely mustered the words to reply. I still felt his gaze on me. "Here," he said, extending his arm towards me, "this is for you." I moved closer towards him and the object became more clear. It was a a clip with fake pearls and an ornate flower. I was puzzled and he registered my thought when I looked at him. "Corsets are so cliche," he said to me, slightly exasperated at the cheesiness of the gesture. "So, I got you a flower pin instead." "How did you know that it matched my dress?" I asked him, a smirk slowly building. His cheeks turned beet red. "I, um...I asked your roommate." I gently squeezed his arm, touched by his thoughtfulness. With a slightly jittery hand (at least to my perceptive observation), he placed the pin in my hair and kept his unwavering gaze on my face. He ran his finger down my cheek. With a warm expression in his eyes and his eyes locking with mine, this was a moment I didn't want to end. I just wanted to stay like this forever, him looking at me with such a warm and affectionate gaze. It took me a moment to recognize that I barely observed his attire. In a fitted suit with a striped cravat, nice Italian leather shoes, and a pin similar to mine placed above his pocket, it was quite clear that he was visually appealing. With his tall stature and his suit highlighting his lean body, it was difficult to remind myself that I was accompanying him, that he's my date. He was dressed so formally, so nicely. Returning my gaze to him, he whispered huskily, "I can't believe how beautiful my date is." I batted my eyelashes at the unexpected compliment and sensed a grin forming from the corners of my lips. I said the same to him. 
But in that moment, I felt something rising, something much bigger than myself, than us, than this particular night. 
"I am so glad you're mine."
"I am so glad to be yours," I said to him, looking directly in his warm and compassionate eyes. 

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