Cannes Fashion Report

The annual Cannes Film Festival is always a time where the film actresses and actors are rounded up to present usually indie and somewhat perplexing films. However, the red carpet fashion is usually unbelievably lush. With soft pastels, fine details, and a lovely backdrop, it comes to no surprise that it is one of the few festivals I gauge zealously. This year, I was blown away by the cascade of dresses I would lust to have in closet and to appear that flawless in front of the paparazzi, film, and fashion world. In no particular order, these are a few that stood out to me. 

1. Lana Del Rey
The black and white lace-y detail on this gown is beautiful. This dress is a statement in and of itself, thus not needing much accessories to accentuate the opulence this gown gives. Beautiful neckline, beautiful train; this gown is perfection.

2. Jennifer Lawrence
Not only is she unbelievably funny with a flawless body, she knows how to please the red carpet. This black and white peplum column gown is no exception. With simple detail, this dress needs no further fluffing. Accentuating her shape nicely, it flatters her svelte body, with the peplum defining her tiny waist. 

3. Isla Fisher

The bold color against her skin and hair color makes an unlikely but flattering combination, one that is highly pleasing to the eyes. It also adds a mysterious sultriness and come-hither effect. 

4. Fan Bing Bing

I cannot wear yellow and usually a yellow dress produces a washing out effect on the wearer, but this is not the case. The dress is so lovely and light yellow hue results in such a flattering effect that I am left in awe. I want that dress (albeit in a different color, perchance). 

5. Emma Watson 

Everything she wore was perfect. Refraining from using too many words, let's just say that Emma's closet is one I certainly wouldn't mind raiding. 

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