We Are Totally Getting Back Together

So, as most of you know, I avidly gauge Taylor Swift because she not only has an amazing wardrobe, but she always manages to keep it fresh. She's been the hot thing for half a decade and she shows no signs of slowing down. Coming from someone who is very particular about my color palette, silhouettes, and patterns, I very much know what works and what doesn't. Clearly, so does Taylor, as she stays within a specific color wheel and manages to stay put to what she truly likes. A couple of years ago, she gained a moniker of a country princess who epitomized glitter, wavy hair, and cowboy boots. Now, she is easily equated with red lipstick, structured bags, and girly frocks.

Can I please have her closet? She manages to fuse together elements of classic vintage, with girly professionalism, polished girly, and European chic. That is very much describing my style to a tee. All of her dresses fit her so modestly that it's almost sexy, and she outfits are so cute. Usually, when I get excited about something, vocabulary fails and I resort to repeating the same mundane words, In this case, words like amazing, so cute, and I want it immediately flood to my mind because that is all that I am filtering right now. What I would do if I had her budget. Finding replicates of her style is quite difficult, as that requires a formidable budget that is not quite kind to a college student, but I always go shopping with a picture mind and it's somehow always Taylor. You go, Taylor. 

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