en arrière pour la deuxième fois

In exactly four days, I will be back in Virginia. It is so strange to think that summer is nearly gone and I'll resume school again as a sophomore. What's equally bizarre is how much I've changed over the course of a summer. It is almost as if I'm returning to school as a different person. However, no matter how much time I have until I leave, it will never be enough. I am surely going to miss my baby sister and her copper-blonde hair, the way she affectionately pronounces my name, and how she gives me her hugs; I'm going to miss talking to my sister; I'm going to miss my parents, not able to sit down and laugh; and I'm going to miss being home. No matter how old I'll get, I shall still be childish when it pertains to saying goodbye. 

That being said, I aspire my second year to be different, to stand apart from my previous year, to show progress and maturity. First year of university is akin to testing the waters: it's not quite as difficult as many claim to be, you realize that university life prospers on excellent time management skills, and making several necessary adjustments (such as not going to be 3 hours after midnight). Things are going to be different this year, as I plan to make many changes regarding schedule, diet, and time management. Perceiving it as a test run for living on my own is perhaps not a bad idea, as that instills a sense of personal responsibility (which doesn't mean I didn't do that beforehand). Prepare more meals, formulate a fixed schedule (what to do and accomplish and actually do them), and maintain the patterns I have at home while being at school. Moreover, keep the objectives I've set out this summer for this coming school year. 

Regardless, there are a few things that I plan out on accomplishing. A great deal of them include making the meal I've pinned on my Pinterest. Others, not so much.

1. As I've posted numerously regarding my fervor for traveling, taking a cue from a film I've watched recently, I am going to purchase a world map and tape to my wall. I'll purchase some small pins and put them in all the places that I plan to visit. That will be a wonderful way to inexpensively spruce up my bedroom. 

2. After seeing Midnight in Paris, the costumes were immaculate. This inadvertently spawned my desire to be a 1920s character for Halloween. Getting inspiration from Marion Cotillard's character and Zelda Fitzgerald's ensemble pieces, it is going to be a goal of mine that I shall accomplish successfully. All Halloween past, I've dresses up meagerly on account of not getting the clothes I wanted to make the character believable. This year shall be different. 

3. Purchase a Fujifilm Instax 210. I've wanted a Polaroid for that longest time and this is an excellent alternative. I have lamented purchasing another camera because I'm not a photographer, but a single captured moment immediately processed and having it in your hand is special. Thus, I am growing more and more sure of this forthcoming purchase.

4. Become more fluent in French. Living in a French-speaking country, it's somewhat a shame that I have not been vigilant growing more proficient in the language. To change that, I shall download podcasts off iTunes so that while I may not be total attention, it will filter in my mind.

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