Bit By the Travelling Bug

I recently returned from my time abroad in Europe. There were good times, not-so-good times, learning times, and other times that I don't think would fit into a single category. It was a humbling experience, it broadened my horizons, and it produced an opportunity of self-reflection. This time in Europe, I not only matured my personal taste, but it also permitted me to see different cultures, different mindsets, different ways of living, and different scenery. The experience I received while being there will remain with me for as long as I shall live. Right before leaving, an amalgam of emotions swept over. I didn't want to leave, yet I wanted to the luxury of being home with the pleasures and delicacies of Europe. That being said, I definitely want to go back. I shall go back. I want to go to different places, see different sceneries, and experiences the different cultures in Europe.
Since I have been severely bit by the travelling bug, whenever I go on Amazon or venture into the nearest book store, I always, without fail, veer towards the international travel section. Scanning the different places I want to go (and mentally plan to go as well), I develop a list of the travel guides that will be of good use when it shall be the time to go to that specific places.

The first is Spain. I've longed to experience the allure of the Spanish culture. I want to go through the streets of Barcelona and Madrid. Given, watching the second instalment of The Cheetah Girls may have sparked more genuine interest after seeing the backdrop of the city. Given, these are tentative plans and may not occur within the next 10 years. But still, it's good to plan ahead.

The next place that I immediately turn my attention span to the south of France. Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, the luxurious hotels and beaches that have been iconic and the epitome of French luxury. Sigh. 

For something a little different, a trip to Scandinavia would also be a cultured and fruitful trip. Visit Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and other various locations would provide a well-rounded and broad experience.

Not in Europe, but a tourist harbor all year round, Australia is one of the top 5 places I want to go to. I really would wish to go in detail about the beaches, the local scene, and the wonders of the country, but I don't want to spoil myself for when it's time to go there. I like to be surprised when it comes to these sorts of things. Good surprises. 

Clearly, it's obvious that travelling is in my nature and that a change of scenery is not only good but healthy for the soul. 

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