American Vogue

Leave it to me to say something about American style. However, because of a myriad of reasons, people have constantly told me that the style between Americans and Canadians but after living in America for more than a month now, I can now say with certainty that that is certainly not true. While there are considerable difference between so-called "American" style in Canada and actual American vogue, I have to call out blatant disparities.

1. Urban Outfitters. A lot of people are really hipster here. With thick-rimmed glasses, indie band tees, record players, TOMS (see #2), and listening to underground music. That is something you definitely don't see in the streets of Toronto cause everyone wears Hollister or Abercrombie. People dress too similar back home while here there is some differences. Not much,'s there.

2. TOMS. Everyone wears TOMS here. In Canada, it's not quite a big trend; whereas here, every 1 in 2 people have a pair of TOMS. I considered purchasing a pair of TOMS simply because they're comfortable and versatile but after I realized that since almost everyone has a pair, I rallied against being like everyone else. So I wear my salmon-colored penny loafers and that makes me very happy. Plus, I receive countless compliments, which also put a smile on my face.

3. Feather extensions. I noticed that a lot of people are adding fake feather extensions in their hair. Interesting. Not that I'm against it but I can't put it in my hair lest my hair grows 4 inches in a matter of minutes.

4. Local hang out shops. Not really constituting as part of style, but I still felt that it was noteworthy. I've taken inventory and realized that many people (emphasis on the many) like to hang out in local, one-of-a-kind sentences that are not part of national chain restaurants.


  1. oh, my friend, have you ever spent time in toronto? there is an urban outfitters there. and stores that sell toms. and a friggen art and design college. so there is no shortage of hipsters.

  2. Oh, I spend a great deal in Toronto; I'm just saying that there is a great distinction between Canada and United States.